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John Flynn, Owner
Over the past 20 years, Flynn has earned a reputation for excellence that is as solid as the homes he builds.
Dan Flynn, Manager

About Flynn Construction
Flynn Construction is a modern builder with experience, serving the North Eastern Pennsylvania communities for almost 20 years. This combination of being a modern builder and a builder with experience means we implement our Quality & Affordability with the most modern techniques and the newest technology. Flynn Construction achieves the highest quality of construction, in terms of structure integrity, luxury, modern technology and personal service while following your budget. This allows us to construct your dream within your affordable budget, giving you a custom home and building at developer pricing.

This dedication to Quality and Affordability is what separates us from every other construction company. "Large Scale Companies" reduce quality to increase profit margins and "Small-Specialized companies" disregard price budgets that allow for quality and service.  Flynn Construction applies the perfect balance for your designated budget but never will compromise the integrity of service provided to the customer, no matter the size of the project.

Also a Family owned business, means you will get the attention you and your project needs and deserves. 
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